Cremation company has one messed up print ad

Funeral homes and cremation companies have to be extremely delicate with their marketing strategies. The topic of death is one most people want to avoid completely, so seeing an ad about it usually makes everyone pretty uncomfortable. Now, here’s a terrific example of what you should NOT do if you’re a cremation company. Presenting the […]


Super Bowl Commercial Hall of Fame

Since people watch the Super Bowl as much for the commercials as they do the game and halftime show, we decided to come up with a Super Bowl Commercial Hall of Fame. What are the best of the best commercials that have aired during football’s biggest night? So below, we present the 20 that made […]


Who is the most unlikely Super Bowl XLIX advertiser?

Many companies that haven’t traditionally bought ads for the Super Bowl will be jumping into the market this year. Companies like The Verge, Squarespace and Wix are all getting into the ad race in one way or the other but one company will be making history with their Super Bowl ad and they might be […]


Buying Super Bowl ads in small markets can be a winning strategy

It costs $4.5 million to get a 30 second commercial aired during the Super Bowl. That amount immediately excludes many companies from considering taking the plunge into Super Bowl advertising but some companies have been thinking outside the box in order to get their products noticed during (and after) the big game. Old Milwaukee used […]

Super Bowl ad star Kim Kardashian West

Ten Super Bowl commercials already unveiled

Many people look forward to the Super Bowl not because of the game but because of the commercials. These spots cost big money and a growing trend is companies releasing their commercials early in hopes of getting some extra bang for their buck. Personally, I’m not a fan of companies releasing the ads early as […]


Zumba commercial plagues Flint, Michigan

It’s time to look at things on the local level. Some of our favorite awful ads are the ones only a small demographic get to enjoy. Remember this incredibly bad mall commercial song from Missouri? Perfect example of crappy advertising on the local level. This time we’re turning our attention to the Flint, Michigan area. […]


Dannon Oikos Yogurt hires Cam Newton, fires John Stamos

The days of John Stamos pitching Dannon Oikos Yogurt are over. The company announced that they have dumped Stamos and instead have hired Cam Newton in an attempt to appeal to a larger male audience. Newton has already appeared in an ad for the brand: Why dump Uncle Jesse? Via Ad Age: We have ended […]


We hate your company if your online ad does this

Online banner ads are a necessary evil. If you’re a website, they help in paying the bills and keeping the site up and running. In exchange, the owner of the ad gains exposure and eyes on their product or brand. That’s the deal. We have a big problem the moment the online banner ad interferes […]


Welch’s ditches children for talking grapes

Welch’s has been using cute children to promote their products for ages. While their old promotions are still up and running to our knowledge, Welch’s opted to move in a different direction to promote the benefits of their grape juice and how it compares to wine. This more mature subject wouldn’t be appropriate with children […]


No one is this happy shopping with Kmart

Kmart wants to show how happy people are when they use the company’s free in-store pickup service. The service, one which is fairly common among big box retailers, apparently makes this family so happy that they can’t help but dance. And dance. And dance. So much dancing. Ugh. The lady’s dance moves are painful. […]


Arby’s has Pepsi!

Arby’s has an agreement with Pepsi to mention the soft drink company in two commercials a year. Apparently they forgot (oops) and wanted to make amends by dedicating an entire 30-second spot to Pepsi. The result is possibly the best commercial Arby’s has ever made.


Microsoft Surface butchers Winter Wonderland

We’re starting to sound like a broken record here at Awful Ads. Why is it that every major retailer is trying to come up with a cutesy, 30-second spot loaded with singing? Why is it that most ads feature singers without any kind of singing experience? We digress. Microsoft Surface is the latest to break […]


St. Louis bar promotes itself by mocking Ferguson unrest

If you’re planning to market yourself by mocking a polarizing topic, you’d best be ready for some major backlash. One St. Louis bar, The Dubliner, made this mistake by posting a comment mocking the situation in Ferguson. The Tweet in question was quickly deleted, but here’s what it said along with one reaction: With the […]


Wendy’s Bacon Portabella Melt ad features some brutal singing

We have a simple rule here at Awful Advertisements: Don’t sing in your commercial. Even if you hire the most talented singers and have a catchy beat or clever lyrics, it’s not going to work in your advertisement. Jingles are one thing, but a full television spot loaded with singing is usually a recipe for […]


This Steelers parody of the 90s Dream Phone commercial is epic

“It’s like a Steelers game, but with better calls.” (Although, 7-4 and 2nd in the AFC North is nothing to scoff at.) How can you not love this parody of the 90’s cheesetastic Dream Phone game? There are so many unanswered questions – will Le’Veon get more weed? How did the Ray Rice card end […]