Smirnoff pokes fun at Donald Trump with “Ties to Russia’ ad

Vodka titans Smirnoff is taking shots at the President of the United States and his alleged ties to Russia. Smirnoff, which originated in Russia during the 1860’s, decided to poke fun at its Russian ancestry, buying signs with the phrase “Made in America. But we’d be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under […]

Burger King’s latest ad has pissed off the royal family in Belgium

If Burger King wants to land a successful launch in Belgium, it might be wise to suspend their first ad campaign which bizarrely pokes fun at the Belgian royal family. Somehow, Burger King managed to piss off King Phillippe of Belgium by running an ad campaign website that forces users to pick “who is the king?” […]

McDonald’s pulls questionable ad about young boy and his dead father

Good intentions went awry this week, as McDonald’s pulled a recent a commercial in the U.K. following well-placed criticism that it was exploitative. The ad in question tackles a sensitive topic. In the spot, a son talks to his mom about what his now deceased dad was like. He tries on his glasses and asks questions […]

Ikea delivers perfect response to $2,145 imitator bag

Sometimes, high-fashion imitates regular, boring old’ everyday items. In this case, we’re not talking about Andy Warhol painting Campbell’s Soup cans, but instead, Balenciaga’s $2,145 carrying bag, inspired by Ikea’s 99-cent, iconic blue tote. Balenciaga’s Ikea inspiration is obvious. But, the bag is leather and much more accessible as a luxury item. Although, Ikea’s 99 cent bag […]

Burger King’s latest ad blatantly attempts to activate voice-controlled devices

Genius marketing or invasive marketing ploy? That’s the big question surrounding Burger King’s controversial new ‘Connected Whopper’ Ad. Burger King’s latest campaign has drawn both criticism and praise for its blatant attempt to take over Google voice-controlled devices. In the spot, an employee says he can’t explain what the Whopper was in the parameters of […]

Pepsi announces they’re pulling terrible Kendall Jenner protest ad

Less than 24 hours after posting a tone-deaf, widely-criticized advertisement featuring model Kendall Jenner, Pepsi has pulled the plug on the entire campaign. The spot received immediate criticism for making light of serious situations around the world, glamorizing and failing to take protest and potential police brutality seriously, and completely missing the mark by featuring […]

This new Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad is fucking terrible

Update: File this Kendall Jenner ad under the “how the hell did the pitch get accepted?” category. Pepsi teamed up with the second-most popular Kardashian to create one terrible fucking ad. Here’s a synopsis. A staged protest is happening during a Kendall Jenner photoshoot. The shoot is juxtaposed against artists and millennials engaging in perhaps the most upbeat […]

Remembering Nintendo’s bizarre mouse-humping Game Boy Micro commercial

Did you know Nintendo once made a commercial featuring a mouse humping one of their video consoles? Well, here’s a reminder. Back in the mid-2000’s, the family friendly gaming giant released an ad for its new redesigned Game Boy Advance, the Game Boy Micro. Smaller, sleeker and featuring a new and improved backlit screen, the new […]

Castrol Edge’s ‘The Fate of the Furious’ tie-in is somehow ambitiously dull

Virtual reality. Explosions. Tanks. Michelle Rodriguez. What do these things all have in common? They’re all exciting and entertaining. So, how did the Castrol Edge advertisement make them all seem so dull? Castrol Ice teamed up with The Fate and Furious to create a unique driving trial. In theory, it sounds awesome. “In a world-first stunt staged […]

Hasbro Deutschland’s “PiPi Party” toy shoots water at kids from mini-toilet

Hasbro’s latest product is a real stinker. Earlier this month, the popular game and toy company’s Deutschland branch, released a commercial for the “Pipi Party.” Intended for kids, the game shoots water at participants at random. Essentially, it’s PieFace Showdown (also a Hasbro product) but much, much grosser. Here’s how Hasbro describes the product online. […]

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake ad mixes up Ireland with rest of the U.K.

McDonald’s attempted to get into the Irish spirit ahead of St. Patrick’s day, but instead, an advertisement for the Shamrock Shake completely missed the mark. In an ad for the ice cream drink, McDonald’s accidentally mixed up Ireland with its U.K. counterparts. A now deleted 10-second ad showed a man wearing a Scottish tartan hat […]

Zara’s “Love your Curves” criticized for failing to feature curves

Zara has launched a campaign urging women to “love your curves.” However, as admirable as the message was, criticism has been lobbed their way for an odd choice of picture and copy. The ad in question was found in Ireland. As a part of the popular Italian clothing company’s “Body Curve Jeans,” line, two women […]

Cosplaying Usain Bolt teams up with Pikachu in quality Pokemon: Sun and Moon advertisement

Usain Bolt and Pokemon are together and it feels so good. Starring in a commercial for Pokemon: Sun and Moon, Pikachu and a cosplaying Bolt teamed up for a fun, fast-paced Japanese advertisement for the popular trading card/video game company. Dressed in Team Skull garb, Bolt gives his all in the spot. The eight-time gold medalist emulates in-game trainers, […]

NSFW billboard for Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet pulled due to gore

As Netflix recently found out, not-safe-for-work ads can be condemned for being too controversial. Adweek reports a German billboard for the streaming service’s zombie-comedy Santa Clarita Diet was taken down after receiving more than 50 complaints about its “disturbing” content. Netflix routinely pulls out all the stops when marketing new original series’, with the recently-released Santa Clarita Diet being no exception. Mocking […]