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Georgetown Optician ad borrows heavily from Wes Anderson

A new ad for Georgetown Optician created by Design Army clearly draws inspiration from filmmaker Wes Anderson. The question is, is it drawing inspiration, is it a parody or both? Or is it ripping off his style entirely? Here’s the commercial. For those unfamiliar with Anderson, his movies are filled with quirky characters and beautiful tracking shots […]


DirecTV and XFINITY take two different approaches to call out competitors

In a world filled with more cable ads than I’d like to count, two spots, in particular, have ramped up the feistiness in uber-competitive market. The first one is from DirecTV, and it pokes fun at competitors, showing the ineptitude of rival cable competitors, but it comes off as a commentary on the companies recent […]


The DUI King screws up royally

This is awful. Totally, completely, disastrously awful. It’s like an onion of ‘awful’ where you keep peeling away layers and there’s just more despicable, diabolical, awful onion.


Rescue Dogs Rock NYC mocks Ashley Madison breach to get dogs adopted

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC are mocking the Ashley Madison data breach to try to get some dogs adopted. In their latest spot, ‘Dogs Don’t Judge. Adopt a Life Partner,’ the organization introduces a man who has been affected by the hacks. The man uses plenty of expletives to describe himself, calling himself an ‘asshole,’ a ‘fornicator,’ and a ‘piece of shit.’ […]


Bizarre Viagra commercial is not a touchdown

While Viagra commercials are usually annoying and/or uncomfortable, it’s just a reality we have to deal with because they are not going away EVER, probably. Well, this football themed one goes into bizarro territory. I mean, what is even happening here? There are usually couples in these commercials. But a woman lying on a bed […]


Ikea absolutely nails it in response to the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is on its way. For only $99 USD, you will be able to own the fancy stylus, which is a companion accessory for the iPad. Sure, the masses weren’t sure if it was a joke or not, and Steve Jobs himself discredited the product when he was alive, but Apple seems to be […]


Europe blasts ‘The Final Countdown’ in an office in GEICO ad

Have you ever wondered whatever happened to the band Europe? You know the guys that released the hit song “The Final Countdown” in 1986? I know I haven’t. Well, like fellow rocker Billy Idol, they’re starring in commercials these days, as the group appears in this new spot by GEICO.

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NFL Network won’t air aggressive Deflategate ad

Daily fantasy is taking over sports advertising if you haven’t noticed. With Draft Kings and FanDuel being first to the table, it’s hard for the other websites to get into the market. Fantasy6.com, which I had never heard of before, decided to gamble to get some attention. The commercial mocks the NFL’s Deflategate mess and […]


New Game of War commercial only features Mariah Carey for a couple seconds

I’ve written extensively about the mobile game Game of War and how great their ad campaign featuring supermodel Kate Upton was at drawing in fans by selling sex appeal, and also how the company made a massive gamble by dumping Upton in favor of singer Mariah Carey. Well, the first ad featuring Carey was posted on TMZ and it’s a […]


Buffalo Wild Wings goes the extra yard with Jordy Nelson

It’s too bad Green Bay wide receiver Jordy Nelson is out for the year with a torn ACL. So far he’s making the most of it by doing a national commercial with Buffalo Wild Wings where he surprises unsuspecting Packer fans with some fantasy football advice. These surprise ads can be found on TV all […]


IKEA gets naked in latest ad campaign for selling tables

Ikea France wants you to know that 79% of important decisions comes from sitting at the table. In three ads for their latest campaign, the home and furniture company gets down to basics, and shows the bad decisions that can be made when you’re not consulting other people at the kitchen table. The first one […]


Nike Korea ad shows how to rise above discouragement

Nike commercials usually feature athletes giving inspirational speeches about how they can overcome obstacles to do anything, but this latest spot from Nike Korea features one of the biggest detractors an athlete can face – discouragement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONLW-q4S8Gg In this 90-second short film, athletes are shown failing to accomplish their goals. Whether it’s getting caught stealing, being […]

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Google changes its font and it’s kind of a big deal

It’s amazing how much of a stir can be caused by a change of font. In Google’s case, the hoopla is warranted. It’s one of the world’s biggest companies and it’s visual marketing is based almost entirely on 6 letters. Any change of those letters is likely to be noticed because how much traffic the […]