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Lawyer gets amazing publicity because toddler loves his commercials

Sometimes the best publicity comes from unlikely places. Case and point, it went viral that a little kid in Louisiana had a hero themed birthday, but it wasn’t an Iron Man or Batman theme. Instead it was for his most noteworthy idol, personal injury lawyer Morris Bart. “He’s always been very drawn to Morris Bart […]

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GEICO brings the Cavemen back

I’ve written before about Geico’s amazing advertising but every so often we need a reminder. One of the most impressive things they’ve done is run great ad campaigns all year along with the headliners, the Gecko and the Cavemen,  mixed in. They are the characters we most associate with Geico so their value to the company […]

Goldbum mocks Craigslist found success in those bizarre, yet entertaining Jeff Goldblum commercials. The ads have been on television all the time, but the campaign hasn’t been limited to just TV. Physical ads have popped up in various cities and this one takes the whole Goldblum strategy to another level. Via Reddit:   Shots fired! Whether or not […]

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Sling TV ad calls out bullying cable companies

Sling TV wants to let customers know you’re not going to be bullied when signing up for cable anymore. In their latest spot “TakeBackTV: Old TV Model,” the company uses bullying as a way to relate to old methods in signing up for a cable package. “You’ll pay for 400 channels and like it,” […]

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Windows 10 hits all the cliches is new commercial

Windows 10 is almost officially out and Microsoft released a new commercial to pair with it. This spot hits all the commercial checklist cliches. We have multiple toddlers making funny faces, lush landscapes, a generic voice over, pop-song and a catchphrase – the future starts now –  that sounds like it could be used for […]


The Honda family sings Weezer, somehow makes people angry

It’s not often a car commercial is unique and interesting. Most would rather sell features and 0% APR instead of a feeling. The newest Honda Pilot ad goes all out for the loving family feeling with a boring car ride turned sing-a-long. It helps that all the actors are good singers and the song choice […]

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Dannon Oikos cleverly combines online dating and yogurt

Television is plagued with ads from online dating sites. They all look and sound the same, except for the few quirky ones like (city folks just don’t get it). So it’s pretty cool to see a yogurt company, Dannon Oikos, taking a shot at those ads while promoting their Oikos brand in the same […]


McDonald’s lemonade ad is annoyingly literal

We’re historically critical of the music which appears in advertisements. The overarching rule is that music in ads shouldn’t be the focal point and the moment it is, the ad usually falls into the annoying category. That’s not always true, but we have so many examples which support our little rule that we’re just going […]

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Bacon, bacon and more bacon in Taco Bell’s latest ad

Everybody loves bacon apparently, according to the Internet and this Taco Bell commercial for their bacon club chalupa. Personally, I think bacon is overrated, which is apparently a very unpopular opinion. Anyways, in the ad a man goes up a mall escalator and notices that everything around him has been baconized. Bacon Couture, bacon sunglasses, bacon shoe […]

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Pampers films babies soiling themselves in new ad and it’s hilarious

This might be the funniest ad I’ve ever seen. Pampers decided it would be a good idea (it was) to film babies ‘poofaces’ aka their reactions of when they soil themselves, and did so in glorious 400 FPS. Throw in possibly the greatest use of music from the classic 2001: A Space Odyssey outside the film over […]


The Darrell Hammond KFC ads remain spectacularly weird, but maybe that’s OK

I’ve talked about KFC’s relaunch of Colonel Sanders in the past, and my conclusion then was the results of the rebranding effort were mixed. The ads were bizarre. Instead of the sweet old Colonel that was shown in the ads of old, they replaced their iconic founder with former SNL impressionist Darrell Hammond – and that’s a […]

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Hello Jerry: Hulu introduces Seinfeld to the family

Hulu is making its jump into the deep end with a splash. In this animated commercial, the streaming service showcases its newest toy – every Seinfeld ever. I’m surprised that they decided to go animated when they have the rights to the video of one of the most popular shows in the world. In any […]

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Bizzare Japanese Three Second Cook commercial wins award

One of the most bizarre, amazing commercials has won a gold award this week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The spot called ‘Three Second Cook,” by the Japanese company Docomo is a pleasure to watch. Things start off pretty normal, as two women prepare to cook shrimp. The hook? They’re going to do it […]