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Frozen Yogurt company apologizes for ‘Grab ‘Em by the Fro-Yo’ ad

A New York-based frozen yogurt chain is apologizing for parodying Donald Trump’s “grab em’ by the p—y comments in an advertisement. 16 Handles sent an email out to subscribers with the headline “We’re Making Fro-Yo Great Again,” a play on Trump’s “Make American Great Again,” campaign slogan. Within the body of the email was another play […]

Pete Campbell is the new KFC Colonel… huh?

Kentucky Fried Chicken has rebranded Colonel Sanders once again with the latest pick being “not great, Bob.” Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser has been chosen as the next KFC colonel. The 37-year-old doesn’t fit the profile of previous celebrities cast in the role, like Darrell Hammond, Jim Gaffigan, and Norm Macdonald, as Kartheiser is more handsome […]

Canadian company gets flack for including ‘OMFG’ in flyer

Canadian furniture company EasyHome decided to use some edgier slang in a recent flyer, which didn’t please customers. CTV News reports the rent-to-own company printed a flyer last week with a speech bubble “OMFG” in the top-left corner. EasyHome has used emojis and text speak in past flyers, but the acronym wasn’t well received. The slang […]

No Man’s Sky Being investigated after misleading advertisements

No Man’s Sky from Hello Game’s had the Internet swooning after an impressive demonstration at 2014’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. The game’s designer Sean Murray promised an experience like no other. The space exploration game featured over 18 quintillion procedurally generated planets, unique procedurally generated life and promised unlimited exploration. When No Man’s Sky was finally released in early […]

Skittles responds to Trump Jr.’s tweet: ‘Skittles are candy. Refugees are people’

Skittles aren’t happy with human dumpster fire Donald Trump Jr., son of Republican presidential nominee and noted bigot, Donald Trump. Trump Jr. took to Twitter to share a meme comparing killer skittles to the ongoing Syrian refugee debate. It’s an interesting choice of analogy. Skittles executive Denis Young caught wind of the Tweet and instantly rejected […]

Mattress company’s 9/11 ‘Twin Tower sale’ ad is offensive and tasteless

The competition for worst ad of the year if over and it’s only September. Texas mattress company Miracle Mattress released a repulsive, tasteless ad which parodies 9/11 – you know, the incredibly tragic terrorist attack which killed thousands of people. The advertisement is for a “Twin Tower” sale. Mattresses are stacked up (like towers) and […]

‘Boats N’ Hoes’ realtor parody is tremendously crummy

Here’s a great example of a parody gone wrong. One of the best moments from the 2008 comedy Step Brothers is when Dale and Brennan show off their latest business idea “Prestige Worldwide” by revealing a music video ‘Boats N’ Hoes.’ The idea is a disaster, as the duo eventually crash the boat, but the song is […]

Spike Jonze’s insane Kenzo World commercial breaks convention

Director Spike Jonze is known for putting his own personal stamp on his one-of-a-kind projects. He’s created incredibly unique and interesting visuals concepts for Her, Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. Jonze’s strength at capturing emotion is a gift, which is why it comes to no surprise a commercial he directed for Kenzo World is stellar. You’re probably used […]

Gym advertisement with childish fat joke unsurprisingly receives criticism

Fitness advertisements can be tough to create, considering the sensitivity regarding weight loss. Jokes shouldn’t be attempted at the expense of physical appearance. One English gym didn’t even try to be considerate to the topic, posting an ad which has received criticism for fat-shaming. Fit4less, a Derbyshire gym, created an ad campaign featuring an ill-advised […]

Mercedes pulls misleading “self-driving” car commercial

Mercedes has pulled an advertisement for the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class after advertising the vehicle as a self-driving car, a claim which wasn’t 100% true. According to Jalopnik, an advertisement was removed following complaints to the FTC over a commercial which described the car having a self-driving feature. The spot showed a driver lift his hands off […]

Nintendo turns back time in NES Classic Edition ad

Nintendo is dipping into some sweet nostalgia in their latest advertisement for the upcoming NES Classic Edition. The gaming company released a new spot for the mini-console, which is a micro version of the Nintendo Entertainment System with 30 games built-in. The console has HD graphics and comes in at a reasonable $59.99. In the […]