Little Caesars lowers the bar with their "Mime" commercial

Written by David Rogers on .

Little Caesars is one divisive pizza chain. Some people love it while some absolutely hate it. Very few individuals fall anywhere in the middle. The chain's latest ad, one titled "Mime", is based around a pretty noteworthy selling point. Unfortunately, it's clouded behind some of the worst, and frankly stupidest, execution. 

The father, a mime, was able to get a pizza. Get it? The child is half like his mother and half like his father. Get it??? Oh my, the brilliance! 

While everyone is distracted by the ridiculous mime scheme, the fact you can walk in Little Caesars and walk out immediately with a pizza is pretty impressive. It's a fantastic way to separate yourself from other chains. Unfortunately, I had a hard time even remembering what the ad was about because I was overwhelmed with the lengths they went to push the Mime point home. Yes, we see that the poor child is probably living a life of ridicule - what were you promoting again?

How do these ads ever leave creative?

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