The Pier 1 penguin in a cupcake has one familiar voice

Written by David Rogers on .

Did you grow up watching Rugrats? If not, this post might go a bit over your head. However, if you enjoyed the classic Nickelodeon cartoon than this ad from Pier 1 might sound a bit familiar. 

My first impulse was to rip this ad on how annoying it might be on repeated viewing. Smooshed. Smooshed. Ah! It just sticks with you. However, as I went to write a negative review I was struck with a feeling of familiarity. That voice. Where do I know that voice from? 

Rugrats. This voice sounds almost exactly like "Lil" from Rugrats. After a bit of research, it appears that the voice of the penguin with its foot in a cupcake is courtesy of Kath Soucie, one of the most famous and best voice actors out there that was the voice of Lil, Phil and Betty DeVille on Rugrats. While there isn't any confirmation she's the one doing the voice (yet), the similarities are uncanny to her other work. 

Lil from the Rugrats may still be out a penguin with a smooshed cupcake. 

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