Charmin and Kmart have a loving exchange through Twitter

Written by David Rogers on .

By now, you've probably seen Kmart's "Ship my pants" commercial that still has the online world buzzing. The ad apparently even caught the attention of other companies, including Charmin. If you follow both Kmart and Charmin on Twitter (can't say we know anyone who does) you might have seen their recent exchange where both companies played off the ship my pants concept. 

Charmin initially sent a photo of toilet paper to Kmart with the message that they might need it if they got too excited "shipping" their pants. Kmart responded with yet another pun/innuendo in their response. 

Finally, Charmin responded saying that they were open to a big hug...but don't squeeze the TP too hard. 

Chalk this up as one of the stranger Twitter exchanges between two companies that we've seen in recent memory. We don't blame Charmin for trying to ride the coattails of Kmart after their successful ad, but the exchange between the two accounts is so over the top friendly it makes us gag a bit. Just kiss already! 

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