Progressive ups the ante (and volume) for most annoying commercial

Written by David Rogers on .

We haven't discussed Progressive commercials very much here at Awful Advertisements. Why? It's mostly due to the fact we feel companies such as Progressive and GEICO are almost too easy of a target. If we dedicated the time to them that they deserve, we'd have to open an entirely new site. 

With that out of the way, we couldn't resist commenting on the "Let's Get Ready to Bundle" atrocity that's consuming televisions across the nation.

Bundling insurance policies isn't a new concept. In fact, if you own any kind of insurance, you're probably well aware that you can bundle auto with home if you so desire. That's the first thing that's wrong with this Progressive ad - it's preaching common knowledge as if it's some sort of special, new discovery. It's not progressive, it's common.

On to the more obvious issues. We get it. The "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" guy (Michael Buffer) said bundle instead of rumble. How clever. Now, was it really necessary to have him scream for roughly 13 seconds, driving any prospective customers to the brink of insanity? This commercial usually airs first at a commercial break, barely giving you the opportunity to mute your television since you were just enjoying programming that you actually wanted to hear. 

At the very least, we appreciate that Progressive appears to have played by the new FCC rules which state your commercial can't be louder than the actual programming, but that doesn't get them off the hook for a commercial focused around yelling.

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