Racy billboard didn't last long in downtown Chicago

Written by Reva Friedel on .

This more than a little suggestive billboard featuring porn star and Charlie Sheen "goddess" Bree Olson lasted less than a week in downtown Chicago. According to the Chicago Tribune, the site using the space, ArrangementFinders.com, is unaware as to why it has been taken down. They paid for a month. The site is for "women seeking mutually beneficial arrangements." The tag line is more tailored towards men though, am I right? Either way. 

I can only imagine the floods of complaints that went to the Mayor's office or elsewhere over this billboard. Yeah it's 2013, and yeah, none of us are prudes, but usually that kind of material is advertised in a more...underground fashion, shall we say? The people who are looking for it probably already know where to find it, so I can't say I am surprised it got taken down early.


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