Cookie Monster stars in new Google Play ad

Written by David Rogers on .

Google has deployed some pretty memorable ads over the course of the past year. We saw a father and daughter form a relationship via Google products after the daughter leaves for college, a man trying to win back the one that got away, and even a relationship unfold completely through Google+

The ads have been sappy, even cheesy, but they've almost always caught our attention due to the pure emotion they capture. To ring in the New Year, Google launched a new ad for Google Play, a service where users can access apps, music and movies. Watch as one unexpected character starts his New Year's resolution through Google Play today...or maybe tomorrow.

When I first saw this ad I was puzzled by the "New me start today!" concept. I thought Google was slacking behind some pretty poor grammar. However, upon seeing Cookie Monster the whole idea clicked and I was left chuckling as everyone's favorite cookie addict bought product after product about his obsession. 

Brilliant work, Google. I'm relieved to see a more lighthearted approach to your advertising. 

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