The most star-studded GED commercial you'll ever see

Written by David Rogers on .

Jerry Stiller, Ron Perlman, Alfred Molina, Christopher Lloyd, Terry Crews, Debra Jo Rupp, Danny Trejo, DMC, WWE's The Miz and Jamie Lynn Sigler all banded together to bring you an important message - Get your GED.

The call center for has a more impressive cast than most feature films. 

Talk about a great collection of people. We wish some of the stars would have used some of their iconic quotes or sayings in trying to convince the callers to get their GED. Maybe a "Serenity now!" from Jerry Stiller or a Back to the Future quote from Christopher Lloyd.

As is, the commercial was enough to capture our interest due to its pure star power. Unfortunately, this spot doesn't make the leap into the realm of greatness due to the fact they could have done so much more with such a talented group.

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