Duracell: Some toys never die

Written by David Rogers on .

Duracell wants you to know that their batteries last a long time. A really long time. So long that your child's toys will never die, potentially leading to some awkward zombie-esque confrontations. 

In a series of ads from Grey - Singapore, children are playing with new toys while older, similar toys lurk in the background. The concept is effective in showing the toys aren't dead, but the whole thing is kind of creepy. The children cautiously look over their shoulder, aware that something is watching. 

Here are two other versions of the same concept:

While these ads might be a bit creepy, they at least offer a unique spin on traditional battery advertising. Advertisers have just two ways to market a battery: Price and how long it lasts. We've seen just about every method under the sun used to try and convince us to buy one battery over another. This refreshing, yet slightly disturbing concept actually caught our attention, making it an overwhelming success. 


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