Dick Vitale partners with Wendy’s

Brace yourself - Dick Vitale will be doing Wendy's commercials in the very near future. According to a recent article in Sports Business Daily, Wendy's has signed Vitale on to do television and radio commercials that will appear in seven cities, including New York, Boston and Philadelphia. Vitale will specifically be promoting the "Baconator" and the "Son of Baconator" sandwiches. 

Is this a match made in heaven? Or is it money wasted by the fast food chain?

We can hear it now. 

"Enjoy some high cholesterol, baby!" 

Vitale is no stranger to ads for restaurants. Back in 1993 he appeared in a spot for Taco Bell. More recently he appeared in an ad for Hooters. Has his presence in these ads actually pushed the needle in terms of sales? Who knows. An endorsement from Dick Vitale has never been one I've placed much faith behind.

Wendy's is also running a promotion where you can win lunch for two with Dick Vitale at a Wendy's near your home. If you're rolling your eyes at the thought of a "prize" being lunch with a guy that will say "Baby" after each sentence, they're also throwing in a $5,000 gift certificate. Let's hope that gift certificate is as good as cash and not limited to just Wendy's. I love Wendy's but that's a bit much, even for me. 

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