Coca-Cola ad features bottles which can only be opened with another bottle

Coca-Cola is trying to make their soft drink a social experience. How can you turn grabbing a cold Coke into a conversation? By forcing people to use a friend’s or a stranger’s bottle to open their own. There are a couple problems with this ad. First, you can’t help but think that this thing […]

Messi dreams in Adidas ad with Alves, Ozil, Xavi and others

Here’s yet another ad from Adidas leading up to the World Cup. Messi is having a hard time sleeping and he apparently has the tournament on his mind. Pretty great collection of soccer stars in this one, but the real star may be the new cleats from Adidas. We’ve seen some crazy designs and colors, but those may take the cake.

The new Happy Meal mascot from McDonald’s is unsettling

McDonald’s rolled out a new mascot for their Happy Meals. This new creation has animated arms, legs and one big mouth on the outside of a traditional red and yellow Happy Meal box. In addition to the animated character, the actual box a Happy Meal comes in will be designed to look like this … […]

Applebee’s is a little too excited about Vidalia onions

We’ve ripped on Applebee’s quite a bit in the past. We’ve mocked the fact just about everything you order there sees a microwave and the fact their slogan, “See You Tomorrow”, is basically instructing potential customers to never visit. Now the chain is really, really excited about Vidalia onions.

McDonald’s rolls out minimalist ads in France

Fast food advertising has been all about showing various food items as close to the camera as possible. Look at how crisp the lettuce is. Check out that perfectly (and most likely fake) burger. McDonald’s is abandoning this strategy and trying something a little different in France.

Burger King ditches “Have It Your Way” in favor of “Be Your Way”

The familiar Burger King slogan “Have It Your Way” has officially been retired. The fast food chain is now rolling out their new “Be Your Way” slogan which is taking the place of the old 40-year-old jingle. The change is supposed to make customers feel like they can be what they want and live that […]

A.1. is still in a relationship with steak, but it’s complicated

A.1. has removed the word “steak” from its name. Instead of being known as A.1. Steak Sauce, the product is now being called A.1. Sauce. The hope is that you’ll start using the sauce on other meats and foods instead of reserving it just for your steak. That’s a pretty difficult concept to advertise. You […]

National Guard’s NASCAR deal was a huge bust

Sports sponsorship is a widely debated topic. Due to the difficulty of tracking a campaign and the high costs, sponsoring a team, signage in the stadium and other sporting promotions are usually reserved for those with the largest of marketing budgets. Sports sponsorship usually only helps a company retain and improve brand awareness and tweak […]

The Pittsburgh Pirates are taking advantage of an ESPN-provided marketing opportunity

At the beginning of the MLB season, ESPN released a This is SportsCenter commercial featuring reigning National League MVP Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The commercial is simple, and McCutchen says just five words in the ad. McCutchen’s “plunder the lox” line is on the road to being one of the great quotes […]

Michael Sam’s VISA commercial

Here’s an outstanding ad from Visa released just a couple of days before he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams. Judge Sam for his ability on the field, not by his sexual orientation.


Snickers: Godzilla is actually a pretty nice guy

You’re not you when you’re hungry and Godzilla is actually pretty fun to be around after he’s had a Snickers. In this extended commercial, Godzilla is just one of the guys…until he’s hungry and destroys a city. Once that hunger is satisfied it’s back to water skiing and good times. The pace of the […]


Beef jerky ad has Stephen A. Smith living in Richard Sherman’s stomach

Are you familiar with the little voice in your stomach? You know, the one that tells you you’re hungry or suddenly has you craving a specific type of food? According to an ad from Oberto Beef Jerky, that little voice may belong to Stephen A. Smith. At least it will if you’re Richard Sherman. […]

What’s the deal with these YouTube commercials?

You’ve probably seen some of YouTube’s recent commercials which highlight various channels and individuals on their network. For instance, here’s one about Bethany Mota, a woman with a channel based around fashion, makeup and DIY tips. There are a few others out there which follow this same format. We’re left asking a question which […]


Sam’s Furniture mimics Fallon & Timberlake skit, fails miserably

Local commercials are bad by definition. It’s when they try to be something more than they are, or try to copy an idea from pop culture, that they enter a truly special category of awful. You might remember this skit from Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake which makes fun of how often people use hashtags […]