Snickers: Godzilla is actually a pretty nice guy

You’re not you when you’re hungry and Godzilla is actually pretty fun to be around after he’s had a Snickers. In this extended commercial, Godzilla is just one of the guys…until he’s hungry and destroys a city. Once that hunger is satisfied it’s back to water skiing and good times.

The pace of the shortened commercial is actually a little bit better, but it’s fun seeing Godzilla participate in so many different activities. We always knew he was gifted at table tennis.

It’s also worth noting that this is one of the more subtle, but solid movie tie-in ads we’ve seen in a long time. Obviously it’s about the same character as the upcoming movie, but you don’t immediately make that connection due to Godzilla’s size and general likability. It’s pretty significant that those connected with the film were willing to let their main antagonist be portrayed in such a fun light.


David Rogers

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