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So you found our website. You're in luck….you are among friends.

David Rogers
The managing editor of Bloguin's NHL hub Puck Drunk Love, David is a hockey aficionado with a professional background in marketing and advertising. His passion for the frozen game is only surpassed by his hatred of advertising companies that believe an annoying ad is a worthwhile ad. He personally vows to track down the people responsible for the "Head On, Apply Directly to the Forehead" ad and force them to sit and watch their nightmare for hours on end. It's only fair. 
Twitter @FrozenNotes

Laura Astorian
A native of St. Louis, MO, Laura has been living in Atlanta, GA since 1993. Being a Midwesterner in a strange land has given her a knack for knowing when to raise an eyebrow, when to be a cynic, and when to let stuff slide. She'll be doing none of the latter here.

Her love of the St. Louis Blues drug her into blogging feet first. Laura writes irreverent and occasionally insightful commentary on the Bloguin hockey blog, Puck Drunk Love. More often than not can be found at her home away from home, St. Louis Game Time, where she's the site manager, following the Blues on their return to continued success.
Twitter @Hildymac

Ben Koo
A couch potato with an affinity for sports, Ben has been a vocal advertising connoisseur for over two decades. Ben started the commercial of the week feature on his personal blog, Koo's Corner in addition to successfully relaunching Awful Announcing, a sports media commentary blog. Ben now brings his zeal for commercials and snarky commentary to Awful Advertisements as a therapeutic outlet prescribed by his therapist. 
Twitter @BKoo

Matt Yoder
A sports (and television) addict all his life, Matt is the managing editor of Awful Announcing and was the winner of the Best Young Sportswriter award at Blogs With Balls 4 in 2011.  His favorite commercials include the Budweiser frogs and anything starring Abe Vigoda.  Talking babies freak him out and he finds the Geico Caveman almost as tiresome and played out as Chris Berman.
Twitter @MYoder84

Reva Friedel 
A native of NH now living in Chicago, Reva is obsessed with sports and roots for more teams than people can keep track of.  She works in advertising and pays more attention to ads across all media than most, and as such she is very excited to contribute to Awful Advertisements.  Her favorite commercial is a VW one that is over ten years old and she will no doubt beg to write about it at some point.
Twitter @RevaFriedel


Ben Koo

About Ben Koo

Copying and pasting my Twitter bio. I'm also refusing (for now) to write this in the third person. This is me - CEO of @Bloguin, GM at @AwfulAnnouncing, world's greatest chinese jew, proud Buckeye, funny dude, and sports and digital media zealot.