Sam’s Furniture mimics Fallon & Timberlake skit, fails miserably

Local commercials are bad by definition. It’s when they try to be something more than they are, or try to copy an idea from pop culture, that they enter a truly special category of awful.

You might remember this skit from Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake which makes fun of how often people use hashtags and how absolutely pointless they all are. It was pretty solid and as of the date of this article, had approximately 24 million views on YouTube.

Sam’s Furniture, a furniture store in Arkansas, tries to play off the success of the Fallon and Timberlake skit and comes up empty.

Can you imagine having to sit through this repeatedly? Torture. It’s like watching a joke bomb again and again and again. Aside from the bad acting and worse script is the amount of time it took for this parody to come out. Timing is everything, and waiting months to release your furniture parody (a bad parody, at that) is like joining the fad well after the fad is over.

(H/T Commercials I Hate)

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