Jell-O’s plan to save the world from the apocalypse

Today is December 21st. Unless you've been hunkered down in a bunker, you're likely aware that today is the final day in one of the cycles of the Mayan calendar. So far, we're all still here to tell the tale. 

Why were we able to survive yet another catastrophic event? Was it because this was yet another case of Internet hype spinning an event out of control and the rest of the public latching on? Or was the apocalypse prevented due to some smart thinking from Jell-O?

Jell-O to the rescue with the "funnest sacrifice" the world has seen - pudding. The commercial above has some decent production values and even makes light of a situation that most folks with common sense have been mocking for quite some time. 

The product even took things a step further by getting their Twitter followers involved in an end of the world contest where 12 followers a day through December 20th could win $100. Whether or not they spent that money on pudding or fortifications for their Doomsday bunker was up to them. 

David Rogers

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