The Wax Vac proves cotton swabs are so, so dangerous

Still searching for that perfect holiday gift for your special someone?  Stop searching.  The Wax Vac is here just for you.  This commercial/infomercial for the latest miraculous, yet totally unnecessary product is one of the best we've encountered at Awful Ads.  Just watch the acting that takes place when this grown man jabs a cotton swab too far down into his ear in trying to clean it.

Bless you Wax Vac for finally ending the national nightmare of those dangerous cotton swabs!  Those testimonies are just so convincing!  Especially the contractually obligated doctor's warning.  I'm just wondering if he's being held hostage offstage or if there's a sack of money offstage waiting for him.

Listen, the Wax Vac may be gentle and safe and all that jazz… but I've used a cotton swab every day of my life since I was in grade school and not once did I jam it far enough into my ear to produce an audible screech of pain.  Maybe I'm just old-fashioned that way…