A detailed look at the 2013 Super Bowl ads

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In November we published a preview of the ads you could expect to see during the 2013 Super Bowl. As we've crept closer to the big game, additional information on the commercials has been released/leaked. 

Want to maintain the suspense and surprise? Read no further. What follows is a rather detailed look at what's to come during the 2013 Super Bowl.

Thanks to the folks over at Business Insider, we have a pretty firm idea on the advertising lineup for Super Bowl Sunday. We'll recap the list below and offer a few opinions on the tentative lineup.


It should come as no surprise that AB will once again be one of the primary advertisers during this year's game. We aren't sure just how much time AB has bought this year but you can be certain that they will once again make their presence felt.

We do know that Jay-Z will appear in one of AB's spots. Aside from simply appearing in the ad, it's been revealed that Jay-Z himself did some of the creative work on it as well. 


Last year Audi used vampires. This year's details haven't been released but we do know that there will be an ad centered around the brand. 


Axe body spray commercials have typically centered around women flocking to a man using the Axe line of products. Essentially, their commercials have never been targeted to those with a high IQ. However, the company recently shifted their marketing in a new direction, as seen in a spot with Keifer Sutherland

The Sutherland spot was different. We're not sure it deserves to be labeled as "good" or "great" but it certainly was refreshing when compared to Axe's previous efforts. Let's hope the company continues to move in that direction during the Super Bowl. 

Best Buy

No one knows what to expect from Best Buy this year. Honestly, a Super Bowl ad might be a last resort to turn things around by the struggling company. Thanks to online merchants, Best Buy has been losing money for years and appears destined to close its doors in the near future. 

Will a Super Bowl commercial turn things around or was it money poorly spent by the floundering company?


Last year's commercial that depicted people buying cars with a creepy second head coming out of their hair or neck was ... weird. Reaction to the strange spot was almost unanimously negative, which caused Cars to dump the ad company that created the concept.

This year Cars has a new advertising agency behind them and (hopefully) a new concept. 

Century 21

Century 21 is slated to have an ad run shortly after the halftime show. The Business Insider report states that the ad should focus on the company's best asset - their agents.


Similar to AB, Coca-Cola is one of those companies you just expect to see several times during the Super Bowl. The 2013 Super Bowl will be no different but what you see from the company will be. During the 2012 game we saw several spots with the Coca-Cola bears but that won't be the case according to one report. Evidently the bears won't be involved in the company's 2013 Super Bowl efforts. 


Like last year, Doritos is letting fans create their own Super Bowl ad. You can vote on which fan-made ad will air during the Super Bowl by voting here

Gildan's Activewear

What? Sounds exciting, doesn't it? 

The clothing company has a spot ready for the third quarter. It's safe to say they'll have to do something special if they want viewers to get excited about a rather generic sounding clothing company. 

Go Daddy

No surprise here. You can expect the same formula this year that Go Daddy has used seemingly every year.  Danica Patrick will return. Whether or not Go Daddy will once again be rated as having the worst ad of the Super Bowl is yet to be determined. 


WIll M&M be able to top their successful spot from 2012 where they unveiled a new M&M (Ms. Brown) set to the beats of LMFAO? Details haven't been released but the company has their work cut out for them. 


Kate Upton and Usher are set to appear in an ad for Mercedes at some point in the game's fourth quarter.


Pepsi will have an enormous presence at this year's game. If you're unfamiliar, the company is sponsoring this year's halftime show with Beyonce. Beyond that, Pepsi also will have a separate ad run at some point during the game that will also feature Beyonce. 


Samsung's most recent campaigns have been doing an effective job of pointing out Apple's weaknesses. Will that trend continue during the Super Bowl?


SodaStream allows you to make your own soda right in your own home. The company is set to have an ad run late in the game. It's safe to assume that SodaStream will have to do something pretty special to stick out among its rivals Coke and Pepsi. 


Other companies that are scheduled to run ads are Lincoln (Ford), Fiat, Hyundai, Kia, Oreo, Skechers and Volkswagen. The list above could change significantly between now and the actual Super Bowl. Someone might drop out while someone else might sneak in. Don't be surprised if the creative details that have been leaked change some as well. Catching viewers by surprise is one of the biggest keys to an effective Super Bowl ad. 

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