A company that uses "Call the Redd Man" as their slogan probably shouldn't use a Native American as their logo

Written by David Rogers on .

The slogan for Redd Pest Solutions is "Call the Redd Man." Pretty standard and innocent stuff, right? Not exactly. The company's perfectly acceptable slogan looks pretty ugly when you realize the logo they use to represent their operations is a Native American.


We're guessing no one over at Redd stopped and considered the slogan mixed with their logo might be deemed a bit controversial, especially considering all of the commotion we've seen over the years involving the names and logos of the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians. According to LegalForce and Justia, the company first introduced the logo back in 2004 and the "Call the Redd Man" slogan in 2008. Amazingly, these aren't recent marketing tools and it's actually pretty remarkable they still roll with them today. 

The company has been in business for over 60 years and they serve customers in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Obviously they're doing something right given the size of their business. Unfortunately, when it comes to good taste and common sense in marketing, the company must be pretty oblivious if they fail see the negative connotation between "Call the Redd man" and a Native American logo. 

Thanks to @JesserPound for sending this one our way.


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