Blake Griffin travels back in time with Kia - Again

Last time we saw Blake Griffin he had traveled back to 1997 in his Kia Optima to advise his younger self to avoid playing football - and jean shorts. Griffin is back but this time he's headed to 1999 accompanied by the sweet beats of Eiffel 65.

Kia has struck a winning formula with Blake Griffin. This time he advises his younger self to stop playing an auto racing game and switch to the game where all you do is dunk. Griffin ends the ad by riding into the sunset on one of those horses you see kids ride outside of Walmart. 

One has to wonder just how many more ads Griffin and Kia will team up on. They've already traveled back to 1997 and 1999, but I'd happily watch Griffin continue to dole out advice to himself as he progresses in age.   

David Rogers

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