Sears' fake movie trailer tricks audiences

Written by David Rogers on .

This past weekend I saw Skyfall, the newest James Bond film. As always, commercials and trailers for other movies preceded the main feature. One trailer began to play depicting a typical romantic comedy for the Holidays where two people fall in love at the airport. Cue audible groan from the males in the audience. Except this wasn't any ordinary trailer. It was in fact a brilliant, deceptive ad from Sears. 

It's rare that a commercial can provoke a legitimate feeling of surprise but Sears pulled it off with this ad. Not only was I convinced this was a trailer for an actual movie, the idea that this might be a commercial for Sears was the furthest thought from my mind. There was even an audible gasp from the packed auditorium when everyone realized that Sears duped them with a trailer for a film that thankfully won't exist. 

This is advertising at its best. It's creative, innovative and most importantly, fun.

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