Perfect Polly - A fake bird for the mentally insane

Perfect Polly is a fake, plastic bird with a motion sensor that detects movement. When the sensor is activated, the "bird" chirps, and slightly moves its head and tail. That's it. There's really nothing more to it. I even had to look this thing up just to make sure this wasn't some sort of SNL-style fake commercial. 

With that brief yet blunt introduction, here's an infomercial on Perfect Polly the Parakeet - the commercial where people with very low IQs sit around and pretend their very fake, very plastic bird is real. 

That's nearly two full minutes of people sitting around talking and "playing" with a $15 fake bird. Gather round, children! We're going to pet this plastic toy and sink deeper into the depths of insanity!

The commercial claims that Perfect Polly is just as lively and fun as a real Parakeet. You know, if you forget about that whole fact that it's not a real bird. They even claim that Perfect Polly will "touch your heart" and "brighten any room in your home." The only way this bird will brighten rooms is if the kids chuck it in the fireplace because they asked for a real bird.  

David Rogers

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