Unique political attack ad goes after Jon Runyan


Political attack ads are usually the same twisted talking points over and over again. This one, supporting Shelley Adler for Congress, is one of the more unique ads I've seen (while still hitting on the same talking points we're hearing ad nauseum). Her target in this ad isn't some bland politican, though. It's actually former Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Jon Runyan.

Adler's ad contains the usual rhetoric you hear during election season, focusing mostly on Medicare. The ad features a man in a suit and a football helmet (assumed to be Runyan0 "blocking" seniors from getting their Medicare coverage…just like Runyan did on the field, blocking defensive lineman from getting to the quarterback. 

The commercial also is narrated by a pair of guys playing the role of commentators on a football halftime show, analyzing Runyan's performance with football terms that relate to his policies.

No matter what party you side with, you have to admit that this ad is very unique. I have no idea what the political climate in New Jersey's third district is, but good for Adler for not going all-out with vicious scare tactics with ominous music and a soft-speaking narrator. If only more political ads weren't just the same thing over and over again.

Joe Lucia

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