Florida Orange Juice wants you to miss your flight

Florida Orange Juice is trying to show all of us that a tall glass of orange juice is the perfect way to start a hectic day. Unfortunately, they decided to explain this to a poor flight attendant as she rushed to catch her flight. We know you need to make this flight, but wait right here as we explain the joys of orange juice. 

Thanks for making that woman late for her flight, orange juice. As bad as the point is that a beverage is out to sabotage your job, the rest of the commercial is pretty annoying as well - especially after repeated viewings. The concept is far from original and to make matters worse, it's poorly executed.  We're pretty sure huge cases of orange juice (as seen in the photo above) don't exist in the airport. If they did, who would be buying that much juice in the airport?

(H/T Commercials I Hate)

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