Kmart has started the holiday advertising season

The holiday advertising season has officially started. Before you check your calendar, yes, it's barely the middle of September. Apparently no one told Kmart that. In an effort to promote their free layaway program, Kmart used a large Gingerbread man to warn that the holidays might sneak up on you.

Halloween is still off in the distance. In reality, October is still off in the distance too. Why are we seeing ads for the holidays already? I get it - Kmart wants to inform customers that they should do their shopping early and the company's layaway program might help them accomplish that. No harm there, but do we really need to start these ads in September? The fact we're now seeing ads for Christmas two holidays early (that is if you count Halloween as a holiday) is absurd. 

Don't be surprised to see these kinds of ads in August next year. Yes, ads for winter will soon be invading your summer. These are the times we live in. At this rate not even July 4th seems safe. 

David Rogers

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