Kmart’s annoying repeating grandma

We've given Kmart a lot of praise over the last several months. With commercials based around "yo mamma" jokes and pronunciation humor, we believed the retailer had raised the bar for traditionally boring, humorless commercials from big-box stores. 

That belief has been shattered. Kmart rolled out this…thing…which depicts a grandma acting crazy. In reality, it's just one action and sound file looped over and over. Why is this supposed to make me want to shop at your store?

Even if you're able to look past the fact this commercial isn't too kind to seniors with deteriorating senses of reality, there's the painful truth that this commercial is just extremely uncomfortable. If you're unfortunate enough to see this commercial more than once in an evening, chances are your mute button will become your best friend. 

Why is the video looped? Is it supposed to be funny? 

Awful stuff, Kmart. 

David Rogers

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