Meet the SpongeBob USPS mailbox

The United States Postal Service is turning some of their mailboxes yellow for a new promotion with Nickelodeon. In an effort to promote SpongeBob, the USPS will allow several of their mailboxes around the country to be transformed into versions of the beloved cartoon character. 

You can find a SpongeBob mailbox in these cities: Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Orlando, Kirkwood (near St. Louis), Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia and Washington.

Considering this is a rather fun idea and the fact the USPS is basically desperate for cash, you can chalk this up as a win-win. Kids should have some fun seeing a cartoon character "come to life" while the ad won't be as annoying or bothersome as some of the alternative options which might have infiltrated your dial. 

OK…and the hashtag #SBMailPaints is kind of awesome. 


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