LG shows off their Ultra HD screen with a clever meteor prank

Written by David Rogers on .

LG wants to show you how realistic their Ultra HD screen is. What better way to do that than by making people think a huge meteor has crashed into their city? 

The company set up a phony job interview and installed an enormous 84-inch television where the window would traditionally be in an office. The screen depicted the city below, making those coming in to interview believe that they were seeing the outside world. As the interview progressed, a meteor crept into view and crashed into the city outside, destroying everything in its wake. Obviously it was all fake, but the scene looked quite really to the poor uninformed individuals. 

As you might expect, the people freaked out and didn't seem too happy. We're not sure what's worse, being the victim of a prank or finding out a job you're interviewing for doesn't exist. 


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