We want to toss Tidy Cats’ litter commercial out

Tidy Cats created a new lightweight cat litter. It's actually a pretty brilliant idea considering how bulky and heavy a container of cat litter can be, but unfortunately the marketing around the new product isn't as intelligent. 

"Hey! Toss me that litter." The previous sentence is the heart and soul behind a commercial which is so atrocious that we want to chuck a container of litter at the group who created it. 

Dreadful stuff. Why are people so excited to have a container of cat litter thrown at them? Why is cat litter showing up at a skate park and a stadium? Why would football players celebrate scoring with it? So many stupid questions, so little time. 

This is an instance where the product and its new benefits are strong enough on their own where they don't need an over-the-top commercial. Show the new perks in a realistic way (loading the container into your vehicle) and you'll have a solid commercial. 

Instead…here's this.

David Rogers

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