Arby’s, please stop running the King’s Hawaiian BBQ Brisket ad

Arby’s new sandwich, the King’s Hawaiian BBQ Brisket, features smoked brisket, pickles and something called Smoky Q Sauce on a King’s Hawaiian bun. Odds are you already knew this because Arby’s apparently bought every commercial slot available for what seems like weeks, if not months.

Here’s the ad if it has somehow eluded you:

Quickly, let’s hit on the fact Arby’s is trying to make the King’s Hawaiian bun the new Pretzel bun. First of all, good luck with that, and secondly can’t these places come up with a tactic other than trying to make bread seem like some sort of hallowed and mystical item? Maybe it’s because they know that their “Brisket” isn’t worth discussing?

As for the ad itself, the narrator sounds a bit out of place. This voice sounds like it should be doing movie trailers, specifically of the horror genre. Pitching fast food? Not so much. Then there’s the fact Arby’s is only showing an image of the sandwich throughout the course of the ad. That’d be fine if it looked appetizing, but alas…it kind of looks gross.

The claim that this sandwich is somehow on par or even better than BBQ is outrageous and the creator of the dialogue/concept should be punished by being banned from BBQ and being forced to eat this thing for every meal.

David Rogers

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