Creepy and less attractive versions of Rob Lowe help pitch DIRECTV

Ever wonder what Rob Lowe would be like if he was a creepy, more disturbing version of himself? What would he be like if he wasn’t so attractive? Your questions have been answered thanks to this new campaign from DIRECTV.

First, here’s what it’d be like if Lowe was creepy, watched cable and enjoyed hanging around the pool with a set of binoculars.

Next, here’s Lowe if he had to live life like all of us. OK, some of us. What, your hair doesn’t fall out each time you run your fingers through your comb over?

You could easily make the claim that DIRECTV is kind of copying SNICKERS and their “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” idea, but it’s still pretty clever. Lowe is the perfect celebrity to start with, but we’re hoping this campaign uses a variety of known individuals who are able to poke fun at themselves.

We also have to give DIRECTV for deploying a concept which assists in making us forget about those awful Genie ads and the worse, mostly disturbing and borderline horrifying marionette commercials. OK, that last part isn’t true - we’re scarred for life - but Lowe’s ads really are a promising start to what we hope is a continually creative campaign.

David Rogers

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