No one is this happy shopping with Kmart

Kmart wants to show how happy people are when they use the company’s free in-store pickup service. The service, one which is fairly common among big box retailers, apparently makes this family so happy that they can’t help but dance. And dance. And dance. So much dancing.

Ugh. The lady’s dance moves are painful. They’re almost as painful as the premise which assumes people get this pumped about going to Kmart. Have you ever been this excited to bring the family to Kmart? The answer is no, and if it isn’t, you’re lying.

Let’s go back to the ad. Kmart is attempting to tell everyone that their online to in-store system is incredibly easy and makes people happy. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s doubtful they needed a one-minute commercial to tell that story. They also could have flexed some of the creativity we saw previously instead of going with the incredibly basic “people use our service, are happy” concept.

Though … Keurigs are pretty awesome.

David Rogers

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