Old Spice keeps rolling out dumb robot ads

You may recall that we’ve previously ripped on Old Spice and their robot ads. Usually we do the “one and done” policy when it comes to ripping on a particular campaign (OK, there are exceptions to that rule) so that we don’t belittle our readers with the same companies over and over again.

Old Spice forced us to make another exception to that rule as they rolled out yet a stupid ad with a robot in a hot tub. You see, the ladies “he” is with love him and have no idea he’s a robot because he wears Old Spice and smells like a real man.


At what point does Old Spice realize they need to shake things up? The nonsensical drivel coming from their spots is so played out that their ads don’t even generate a chuckle or a single positive thought. Even though the robot concept is a new one, it’s the same shtick. A character says outlandish things and we’re supposed to buy body wash and deodorant as a result.

Old Spice used to break the mold and innovate while others stood still. Now they’re using their tired formula as a crutch and it’s killing their marketing efforts.

David Rogers

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