Oreo’s Lick Races are incredibly pointless

We’re a fan of Oreo’s marketing. In fact, they’re usually on the short list of companies who we think do an admirable job when it comes to advertising, particularly through social media and reacting to current events. Unfortunately, their Lick Race concept is just too bad to ignore.

If you check out Oreo’s YouTube page, you’ll find a ton of videos where different people from around the world wage battle to see … who can lick the cream off an Oreo faster. These are proud times for mankind, everyone.

Here’s one annoying example featuring YouTube vloggers:

Even if you can get past the annoyance which is the YouTube vloggers and their overly excited, phony personalities, the actual concept isn’t much better. Watch people lick a cookie. Woo. Contain your excitement! Now watch people lose their minds as they lick an Oreo. It’s phony, fake and just absurd to watch.

To be fair, the Oreo Lick Races idea is still better than most of the stuff we feature here, but it’s such a big step in the wrong direction for Oreo that we felt the need to call them out. One video would have sufficed, but it’s clear they’ve devised an entire campaign around the idea. There’s a ton of these things and each one is as lame as the example above.

We expect better, Oreo.

David Rogers

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