The infuriating McDonald’s Jalapeno Double Eco-nom-nom-nomics ad

Once upon a time, nom was a word you only occasionally saw online while browsing cute pictures of animals or you may have heard while watching a video of the Cookie Monster. The word has since grown in popularity and is now used in normal, yet annoying, conversations as well as ads for McDonald’s. It’s supposed to be a cute way of saying something is delicious, but it usually just makes the individual using the word look like an idiot.

Take this McDonald’s Jalapeno Double ad where numerous adults sound foolish:

Fabricated word used to describe a fast food item? Check.
Use of the word numerous times in 15 seconds? Check.
People saying things no one does? Check.

The crappy fast food ad trifecta! Well done, McDonald’s. You’re in hallowed, yet very familiar ground. It’s usually a pretty bad sign when it’s difficult to remember the product or menu item being pitched due to being so completely annoyed by the ad and the dialogue used by the actors. The jalapeno what now? All I heard was a gimmicky term and a word you’d expect preteens to use and adults to avoid.

Let’s hope this is the last time we hear the word Eco-nom-nom-nomics.

David Rogers

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