Apparently covering your bathtub in plastic will change your life

There are a ton of different companies and ads that promise a new bathroom when you cover up the old one with plastic. The concept is pretty simple - add some thick plastic and you instantly have an updated, “custom” bathtub. Your old fixtures are still there, but out of sight and out of mind.

Kind of a silly product, right? Isn’t your tub now smaller due to the added plastic? Isn’t this just masking the problems your bathroom still has?

Those questions may be enough to rule out any bath fitter ad, but this one may take the cake.

It may be time to find a new spokesperson. Maybe a new ad agency too. This woman seems condescending and is guilty of participating in a commercial which makes far too big of a deal out of a flawed concept and product.

One of our biggest pet peeves occurs in advertising when a company makes exaggerated claims. Just about every product claims to be “life changing” but it seems even more ridiculous when it comes from a bath fitting product. There are probably bigger issues if this plastic shell causes a dramatic shift in one’s lifestyle.

Silly product. Silly ad.

David Rogers

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