Comedy Central UK promoted Malcolm in the Middle with a Breaking Bad twist

There’s a fun fan theory which suggests that Malcolm in the Middle was a sequel to Breaking Bad, placing Walter White in witness protection as Hal. Other theories point to Malcolm in the Middle as some kind of prequel. As Comedy Central in the UK prepares to launch their Malcolm in the Middle reruns, they’re advertising them with a Breaking Bad twist.

When you really break it down, as the ad above has, there are quite a few connections between the two shows. Let’s give credit to the individual(s) who put together this gem. It’s actually pretty amazing how many lines and moments in Malcolm in the Middle take on a whole new meaning after you’ve seen Breaking Bad.

It’s safe to assume most people who see this will already know what Malcolm in the Middle is all about, but those who don’t might be in for a surprise if they watch the show because of this ad. This isn’t false advertising. This is brilliant advertising which may attract a whole new audience to Malcolm in the Middle who want to try and connect the Breaking Bad universe.

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