Red Bull ad brilliantly capitalizes on Kris Bryant’s MLB call-up

Kris Bryant’s call-up to the Chicago Cubs was inevitable. The young phenom has been widely praised and his debut was greatly anticipated both among fans of the Cubs and those who simply love baseball. Red Bull hoped to take advantage of the hype and created an ad which sheds some light on what Bryant was up to while waiting for the call to the big leagues.

Timing is everything and Red Bull brilliantly capitalized on Bryant’s call-up in this spot which features some noteworthy cameos in Mike Ditka, Joakim Noah and Billy Corgan.

Red Bull ads usually take on one of two different forms: either groan-inducing cartoons or some kind of stunt. This spot with Bryant feels like a miniature documentary and has some outstanding production values. The storytelling here rivals ESPN’s 30 for 30 series and it’s remarkable how the entire situation surrounding Bryant and the Cubs is artistically shown in just a couple minutes.

Here’s hoping Red Bull continues making ads like the one with Bryant above. It’s unlikely they’ll be presented with a situation quite as predictable as Bryant’s call-up, but we’d love to see Red Bull tackle other major topics in other sports like they have with one of baseball’s biggest stories this season.


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