Fathead: The gift that makes you cry


Um, so yeah. A kid walks into his room on his 11th birthday and is so excited by whatever he sees that he can't stop saying "oh my god," and essentially starts crying. For that kind of reaction, I'm expecting to see one of three things:

  1. His favorite NFL player, ready to play a game of pickup.
  2. Taylor Swift sitting in a pile of her own money that she is going to give him after she serenades him with her own version of "Happy Birthday."
  3. An 80-inch TV in his room.

Instead, what we get is a sticker. Sure it's a GIANT sticker, but a sticker nonetheless. All that for something he'll want to peel off his wall in a year when he realizes how lame it is.

Reva Friedel

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Reva is a staff writer for Awful Announcing and the AP Party. She lives in Orange County and roots for zero California teams.