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This Wheat Thins commercial does not fly

I get that trying to pitch Wheat Thins cannot be the easiest job. I mean, come on. They’re crackers that don’t really go with anything. That being said - why make a commercial that makes no sense about crackers that make no sense?


NFL players want to be in charge of your lady business

The 1992 Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills would like to talk to you about abortion. So they are going to use dumb football analogies to do so. Joe Gibbs opens this video talking nonsense about some controversial call that was reversed, so good for the Buffalo Bills, which “gave them a second life.” Gibbs then […]


Domino’s wants you to think making pizza is a lost art…or something

This "Labor of Love" commercial from Domino's has more holes in it than the Chicago Bears' offensive line. Are they implying only artists make pizza? Do they think people who make their pizza actually consider it an art? Is it really that difficult? That damn order tracker on their web site begs to differ - […]


Pizza Hut teams up with OkCupid this Valentine’s Day

In a move we can only classify as genius, Pizza Hut has teamed up with OkCupid to extract the perfect proposal out of you. The Hut wants to remind you that on this Valentine's Day, you're not alone. You can get free pizza for life if you can prove that you're committed.  What's confusing, though, […]


SNL’s Valentine’s Day ad knows the way to a girl’s heart

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Another meaningless holiday. I mean, really. Who cares? Saturday Night Live showed us once again how most people forget about this "special" day and try to pawn off a last minute gift as something thoughtful, when really your present likely came from a drug store. Behold: I still don't […]


Boston Market has a clever response for Kellen Winslow Jr.

The story of the day today seemed to be the details emerging from Kellen Winslow Jr.'s November arrest for possession of marijuana. An athlete getting arrested for possession of anything these days is not all that surprising. But today, court documents revealed a bit more color behind the arrest.  Winslow was allegedly masturbating in his […]

This Red Bull Vampire commercial is …. Maybe because it's Halloween Red Bull thought they could get away with this nonsense, but not since the Herbal Essences orgasm in the airplane bathroom have I seen a commercial so pointless. And that's saying something. Exactly how is this promoting Red Bull? "Red Bull gives you wings but I didn't drink it, so […]

Katherine Webb’s Carl’s Jr. commercial is just wrong When Cindy Crawford did it to a bottle of Pepsi, I got it. Katherine Webb doing it to a Carl Jr.'s buffalo burger? Please. Is this what it has come to for her? She can only be featured in football themed commercials where she winds up half naked trying to convince us she would […]

Ironic: An advertising campaign about blocking advertisements AdBlock is a browser extension that will strip all ads from web sites, according to Ad Age. In a move that has left us chugging Everclear (not really), AdBlock has raised over $50,000 for an ad campaign. An anti-ad software is advertising. I can't…I don't. I can't even form a complete sentence.  Listen, I […]

Fifth Third Bank’s identity theft commercial is creeptastic Leo Burnett's "Photo Booth" commercial for Fifth Third Bank's identify theft protection is equal parts creepy and perfection. You don't see the creepiness coming, which I suppose is the point. Identity theft happens when you're not paying attention. Instead of using cheesy dialogue or exaggerated scare tactics, Burnett gives us just the right combination […]

HelloFlo and the tampon ad everyone is talking about If you're a woman, you know that the arrival of Aunt Flo each month is met with one of three emotions: elation when it finally happens for the first time (I'm a WOMAN), relief in some scarier instances, but mostly it is just met with downright disdain.  However, for the girls experiencing it for […]

Progressive’s Snapshot is a good idea backed by an awful commercial Progressive's Snapshot is a product that supposedly rewards you for good driving. The concept of course is that if you're a good driver, you should not have higher premiums to compensate for all the bad drivers out there. So the product is a good idea and I believe Allstate also has the same thing. […]

London takes a new and frightening approach to anti-drunk driving ads Leo Burnett London's "Pub Loo Shocker" ad is pretty genius. The actors they hired for the spot have no idea what is in store for them, so what you see is genuine fear. Instead of the normal fear by carnage tactic, the agency has instilled a more effective fear: that when you drive drunk, […]

Holiday Inn Express channels Good Will Hunting…sort of I told myself this morning that whoever came up with this concept has an obsession with Good Will Hunting and wanted to channel that via this commercial. If that doesn't seem logical, well, can you blame me? This ad is just…not good. And I have stayed at many a Holiday Inn Express and will […]