Value City Furniture makes us hate the word “Chaise”

“Chaise” probably isn’t a word you use on a daily basis. In regards to chaise lounges, you probably opt for words such as couch, chair or thing where people only occasionally sit because they’re usually pretty uncomfortable and placed in rooms where no one sits.

Courtesy of Value City Furniture, here’s another reason why you should remove “chaise” from your extended vocabulary.

So. Annoying. Even if you’re mocking a pronunciation, there isn’t a word out there you should use 11 times in a 30-second spot. Other issues are abundant in this ad (a joke that’s not funny, a woman who is absurdly annoying in a stereotypical husband-wife dynamic), but it’s difficult to get past the extreme lack of creativity and overuse of a word we haven’t heard in years and hope to never hear again.

(H/T Commercials I Hate)

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