Timofey Mozgov’s bizzare, yet funny local commerical

Local commercials starring professional athletes are usually a treasure trove of horribleness in the best possible way. Poor production values and bad acting usually lead to a great commercial. Brew Garden cooked up this zany ad starring Timofey Mozgov and there’s a lot going on during it’s short 15 second runtime.

The random backwards jersey is a nice touch, as is Mozgov constantly looking over to read his lines. You can’t stop watching it.

There is a second advert starring Mozgov but it doesn’t have the instant rewatch value of the first one. In this spot we meet Mozgov’s favourite bartender (I wonder why) followed by him telling her “you really raise the ceiling.”  I’ll give A+ for effort on the delivery of that line, even if the spot falls short of the greatness of the first one.

Liam McGuire

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