Infinity’s avalanche of awful

One of our awesome reader's (chuckweekend on Twitter) asked us to tear this ad apart, which is not going to be hard to do.

A guy creates a snowballing snowball to race down a mountain in his awesome car? I'm confused. Is this a metaphor for stress? Is beating an inanimate object at a meaningless contest making him more of a man? And the snowball disintegrating perfectly at the end into snowflakes is just overkill. More nonsense in an ad that has nothing BUT nonsense. All this commercial reminds me of is that scene from Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts is all, "this baby corners like she's on rails," and I'm pretty sure that's NOT what Infinity was going for. 

Editor's Note: It's nice the man wanted to put his family in jeopardy just to boost his ego a little. 

Reva Friedel

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