Pajamagram - The perfect gift for the one you sort of like occasionally


I didn't think that there could be anything worse than Snuggies, but someone decided to one-up them. Before we dive into this minute long "buy your girlfriend pajamas and she'll love you forever" nonsense, let's just all agree that one of the items featured in this commercial, the Hoodie-Footie, has certainly trumped the Snuggie as the WORST THING EVER.

Anyway. This commercial is featuring young, beautiful women just LOVING their pajamas that their significant other's got them. Yeah, because nothing says, "I love you," more than pajamas.

My favorite line of this gem is "Guys, don't be a Christmas failure." I think most would consider the gift of velour pajamas a mighty failure. But that's just me. My pajamas consist of my White Sox sweatpants and whatever t-shirt I can dig out of my drawer.

Pajamas are only the perfect gift if you're either eight or eighty. Anyone in between would probably just want the cash. 

Reva Friedel

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