2013 Super Bowl ads: A preview

Ah, the Super Bowl. For someone who majored in advertising in college and loves football, it's sensory overload to the max. You're thinking to yourself "okay I really hope I don't have to sit through some ad the director of Vanilla Sky threw together after a four-day bender that no one understands. Funny, I want FUNNY! And I DON'T want prissy Eli Manning besting Tom Brady ONE MORE TIME because then I'll…" Off track. I think I'm off track.

The Super Bowl brings out the best in ads. Mostly because it costs like $4 million for :30 seconds and if you can spend that much on a media buy, the very least you can do is produce something great that we'll remember rather than another Danica Patrick Go Daddy ad that makes zero sense.

Ad Age had an article today giving us a preview of 2013's Super Bowl advertisers. Most of the ad concepts were TBD, and rightfully so. Why spoil the anticipation?

Although, Go Daddy IS on the list so I can only assume they will have another asinine ad featuring Ms. Patrick; and furthermore what IS Go Daddy? (Editor's note: Patrick will indeed have Go Daddy spots during this year's game)

Other advertisers include Samsung, Kia, Mercedes (talk about a dichotomy), Pepsi,, Audi and Hyundai (so I guess cars are back).

Here is the one commercial I remember from this past year's Super Bowl:

Not entirely relevant to candy, but hey, it's funny, so whatever.

My eternal hope is that someday people will realize that they shouldn't use the Super Bowl as the only excuse to not produce ads that are complete garbage but if that actually happened, I wouldn't be writing this right now.

And yes, you can expect a comprehensive recap of all Super Bowl ads the morning after right here on this site - fear not.

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