Cheerios ad is trying a bit too hard to be emotional

Cheerios wants to make you feel emotional about cereal. Specifically, their cereal. In an ad called "Nana" which is apparently based on real life events, Cheerios tells a tale of a family's emotional connection between the cereal brand and a deceased relative.

Are you buying into this emotional ad or do you think Cheerios is trying a bit too hard?

Advertisers are constantly trying to tap into a consumer's emotions. Why? The belief is a positive emotional connection or a memorable connection will boost brand image and brand recognition. You're more likely to buy from a brand you connect with than one you've never had an emotional experience with.

Cheerios' strategy isn't new. This isn't the first time we've seen a young adorable child (they're always missing some teeth, aren't they?) discuss a deceased relative over a specific product. However, the idea is so transparent and so emotionally charged that the impact is lost. The motives are obvious and the viewer (at least those with a B.S. detector) know exactly what Cheerios is trying to do. 

We're not saying this event didn't happen. It very well might have. But the message of "Eat Cheerios and it's like eating with your deceased Nana" comes off overly sappy, overly cheesy and overly ineffective. 

Do you agree or do you think we're just being too cynical?

Thanks to Andy Clark for sending this ad our way. 

David Rogers

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