Nike Korea ad shows how to rise above discouragement

Nike commercials usually feature athletes giving inspirational speeches about how they can overcome obstacles to do anything, but this latest spot from Nike Korea features one of the biggest detractors an athlete can face - discouragement.

In this 90-second short film, athletes are shown failing to accomplish their goals. Whether it’s getting caught stealing, being tripped up on the soccer field, getting blocked at the net on a spike or falling on the ice - all met with discouragement by Korean soccer legend Lee Young-Pyo. Instead of offering support, Young-Pyo tells the athletes a variety of negative advice including “this is a waste of time,” “it’s just one big distraction,” and “think about getting a job instead.”

What makes this spot more than an insult-fest, is the mindset it suggests. It preaches instead of letting negative comments get you down, just ignore the hate and do your own thing - which is illustrated when Young-Pyo tells the athletes “But you don’t listen anyway. Do you?”

This is an effective spot by Nike Korea because it’s more than just your standard schmaltzy Nike commercial, as your favorite athletes aren’t just telling you, you can “just do it,” although the ad does say that, it shows the side of sports that isn’t so glamorous, which is when people put you down or don’t believe in you. Nike wants to tell athletes, if you’ve been put down to not listen to the haters - and that’s pretty effective advice.

(H/T AdWeek)

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