BBQ is back at Burger King. No one knew it left

Written by David Rogers on .

BBQ is back at Burger King! Are you excited? Probably not, because you likely had no idea that BBQ ever left Burger King in the first place. Burger King is trying to create their own "McRib sensation" by proudly announcing something is back that most people had no idea was ever on the menu or ever left the menu. Burger King's constantly changing menu is a bit of a joke in itself. You never know what's going to be on there and you never know when something you like will suddenly go missing. 

On to the commercial itself. Let's stop and focus at the message here. A manager of a BK is rounding up customers because BBQ is back. The first shot we see is them setting up food in an empty store. It's a rather appropriate image as the BKs in my area are usually empty. Then we journey with the manager as he hunts down customers. This message from the company is a bit of a negative one as they're basically admitting that these people wouldn't come to Burger King on their own. They have to be tracked down and instructed to go. 

We've avoided discussing BK for a long time, but this was the final straw. Burger King's marketing has recently entered a very strange, sad place. That's not to say their old campaigns (that creepy King) were any better. They weren't. Now the company's marketing is entirely focused on being kooky - a strategy that's destined to fail.

The company's menu is changing so rapidly that of course no one was aware that BBQ ever left. You probably won't have enough time to find out that BBQ is back because Burger King will probably make yet another menu adjustment before you're actually able to visit one.


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