Meet the Snack Pack Pudding truck

Written by David Rogers on .

Snack Pack Pudding Truck

Snack Pack pudding was directly linked to your popularity growing up. If you had Snack Pack at lunch, people wanted to be your friend. If someone forgot to pack it in your lunch, anger ensued. Has that changed? Do kids still love Snack Pack? 

That was the question asked in this Snack Pack commercial where the company sent out a truck to sell pudding. Using the same style and music as an ice cream truck, Snack Pack stopped by various locations in Ontario much to the delight of the local children. 

Great concept, horrible ad. If you're going to say how much kids love your pudding, spend more time on showing kids actually enjoying your pudding and less time on the cartoon graphics. The truck is a pretty awesome idea and I'd personally love one to stop by my neighborhood, but they really should have shown more about what the truck had to offer and the reaction it received when people figured out it wasn't your typical ice cream truck. 


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