Samsung compares the Galaxy Gear to famous watches in pop culture

Samsung wants to introduce you to the Galaxy Gear. What's the Galaxy Gear you might ask? It's a device which looks like a normal watch but instead it has a touchscreen, apps and the ability to send and receive phone calls and text messages. If you think that sounds like something out of the future or out of science fiction, that's the exact comparison Samsung is hoping you'll make. 

In their commercial for the Galaxy Gear, Samsung shows off numerous high-tech watches from pop culture. Included are watches from Star Trek, Inspector Gadget, Dick Tracy, Power Rangers and several others. Their goal is to show you that what once seemed impossible is now a reality. 

Though the product seems kind of silly (who really wants to yell at their wrist in public?), at the very least the ads for the Galaxy Gear are fantastic. Will it be enough to overcome some extremely critical reviews?

David Rogers

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